Comparison – Criminal Law and Procedure EC 4

Spring 2017 Comparison Criminal Law and Procedure Extra Credit Audio #4

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Listen here  Chapter 7 – Accomplice Liability and Solicitation

65 thoughts on “Comparison – Criminal Law and Procedure EC 4

  1. Mark R. Smart

    On page 48 where it indicates the principals conviction is not necessary – because he is given immunity and turns sates evidence – as soon as I read this – the plurality rule on page 39 on the book was the first thing that came to my mind. Where at common law, a conspiracy involves two or more people who are agreeing to a criminal plan.

  2. Mike Harrington

    Thank you prof. Rodriguez for these recordings and also for the Answers & Explanations you provided after each in class quiz, both were VERY helpful in this section. And thank you Mick Coyne for posting all of the recorded material on the school website!


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