Rodriguez Comparison – Criminal Law & Procedure

Professor Shane Rodriguez

Criminal Law
Click Here  Chapter 4 – Electronic Surveillance and Secret Agents (Keyed to Emmanuel Bootcamp for the MBE)

Click Here Chapter 6 – Lineups and Other Pre-Trial Identification Procedures (Keyed to Emmanuel Bootcamp for the MBE)

Criminal Procedure
Click Here Chapter 5+6 – Attempt & Conspiracy

Click here Chapter 7 – Accomplice Liability and Solicitation

20 thoughts on “Rodriguez Comparison – Criminal Law & Procedure

  1. Eileen Connolly

    I listened to your audio on chapter 4. PRticularry interesting is the One person consent for wiretapping.

  2. JoAnn Ciriello

    Listened to all 4 Recordings….very helpful when navigating through dense material. Especially accomplice liability.

  3. Beth Lalibert

    Chapter 6 was also very helpful regarding the ID procedures, constitutional issues and limitations.

  4. Erica Bowen

    Listened to the last recording. All of the recordings were very detailed and packed with lots of important information.

  5. David

    I listened to all four recordings while following along with the Aspen outlines. I liked Prof. Rodriguez’s comments and his vivid descriptions enhanced my understanding of the material. Prof. Rodriguez provided a lot of Mass. distinctions and descriptions of how criminal business is done here that you don’t get in a national focus outline such as Aspen (as good as it is). On some of the material where Prof. Rodroguez’s teaching style was more prominent than what came through on the Aspen books, I took my own notes separately; I think I get a grasp of the material more solidly when I construct outlines from scratch. Where Prof. Rodriguez commented on and described Mass. distinctions I copied the Aspen book outline material into a Word document and inserted his Mass. distinction commentaries into the appropriate places as he lectured on the material and yellow highlighted it with the Word highlighting pallet tool. I really liked the audios and I listen to live class audios repetitively as well for reinforcement of the material. Prof. Rodriguez has a lot of energy in his classes and it comes from his passion for teaching; for me, I love a high-energy and high-passion class and Prof. Rodriguez delivers that. The passion came through on these audios as well.

  6. Enrico Laurent

    I’ve listened to all four of you recordings and found them exceedingly helpful. Learning at my own pace, ideal situation for me. Thanks. E.L.

  7. Christine Hawes

    Even though I have them saved to my drive, I listened to them again! Thank you for continued review!


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