Rodriguez Comparison – Criminal Law & Procedure

September 2016 |  by Dan Harayda

Professor Shane Rodriguez

Criminal Law
Click Here  Chapter 4 – Electronic Surveillance and Secret Agents (Keyed to Emmanuel Bootcamp for the MBE)

Click Here Chapter 6 – Lineups and Other Pre-Trial Identification Procedures (Keyed to Emmanuel Bootcamp for the MBE)

Criminal Procedure
Click Here Chapter 5+6 – Attempt & Conspiracy

Click here Chapter 7 – Accomplice Liability and Solicitation

Click here October 1st Comp Criminal Law & Procedure

Click here October 5th Criminal Law and Procedure Review Class

7 thoughts on “Rodriguez Comparison – Criminal Law & Procedure

  1. Eileen Connolly

    I listened to your audio on chapter 4. PRticularry interesting is the One person consent for wiretapping.

  2. Mick

    ADMIN Students must comment under each individual audio by clicking the links that say “Click Here” to receive credit.


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