Attorney Coyne: Kidnapped NH Teen Suffered “Unspeakable Violence”

Attorney Coyne: Kidnapped NH Teen Suffered “Unspeakable Violence”


Tuesday, Aug 12, 2014

coyne_michaelA lawyer for the family of kidnapped New Hampshire teen Abigail Hernandez issued a statement Tuesday saying the 15 year old did not know her alleged attacker, Nathaniel Kibby.

“She didn’t know who he was. I know there’s been a lot of speculation about that. She was violently abducted. She was not taken by a friend,” said attorney Michael Coyne.

Coyne and his associates are now representing Abigail and her mother Zenya. He says Abigail was abused after recently meeting with them.

“The man that is charged with her kidnapping, that in fact took her by violence and then held her for many months by violence, as well,” Coyne said.

In an earlier statement, Coyne said Abigail, “suffered numerous acts of unspeakable violence.”

Thirty-four-year-old Kibby is being held without bail after being charged with kidnapping Abigail last October as she left school in Conway, New Hampshire. She made it back home July 20, but investigators have not detailed how she got away from her captor.

Friday, a judge denied the state’s motion to move Kibby’s trailer to a location off site of the trailer park in Gorham.

Meanwhile, Coyne is frustrated the public is reading any meaning from Abigail’s attendance at Kibby’s arraignment last month.

“The fact is that much of what has been out there is uninformed speculation,” Coyne added.

He said justice will be done and urged time and space for this “brutalized young girl.”

Coyne says Abigail managed to get away through a combination of faith, resilience and smarts.

“She found a way to survive and get back to her family who she loves dearly. So, I don’t know how it all was accomplished yet, but some of it is faith and some of it is things that are beyond our control, certainly,” Coyne said.

Coyne also said a grand jury will look at this case.

NECN reached out to Kibby’s attorney, but he declined to comment.

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