Greetings Members of the MSLaw Community:

Last year was an active one for MSLaw’s BLSA Chapter. The year started off with a bang with the Congressional Black Caucus, which I attende with then-President Kellie Tiller and Katisha Brown. The three-day event, attended by law students and pre-law students from across the county, was in Washington, D.C. and consisted of professional development workshops and meetings with regional and national boards. The goal of the event was to assist attendees in building networks and connections with an eye towards securing jobs with the federal government.

Reformer Fall 2012Additionally, in February, to celebrate Black History Month, BLSA hosted two prominent speakers: William “Mo” Cowan, Chief of Staff to Governor Deval Patrick and MSLaw alum Andrew Crumbie (‘03), principal in the largest minority-owned law firm in New England. Students were treated to stories of how each of these well-known and successful lawyers overcame adversity to become influential members of the bar. BLSA also held its annual Valentine’s Day Bake Sale, which succeeded thanks to donations of goodies from BLSA members, other students and faculty, and alum Dawn Inzitari (’06), who never ceases to amaze with her beautiful and delicious creations. We showed the movie “Thurgood,” the story of the life of the first black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, and  Professors Puller, Martin, and Coppola hosted a brown bag lunch at which attendees discussed the story of the tumultuous time of Boston’s school desegregation. The discussion was led by the three professors who personally experienced the events.

In March, BLSA hosted a party at Felt Nightclub, attended by approximately 50 members of the MSLaw community. BLSA continued to support its highly successful trial team, coached by Dean Coyne, Professors Harayda and Green and MSLaw Alum Kim Gillespie. The contributions of team members and coaches were recognized at the annual Law Day Gala.

Our clothing and shoe drive to help those victims of the earthquake was also successful. And we continue to work with the Barristers Club, serving dinner to the residents of the Lawrence YMCA the first Wednesday of every month.

Our goals for the upcoming school year are to repeat the successful events of the past year and improve our community service work. The new E-Board Members are:
President – Patrick Brown
Vice President – Kellie Tiller
Secretary/Treasurer – Katisha Brown
Historian – Lauren Pinnock
Public Relations – Cassandra Louis

Anyone who has ideas for activities, or wants to participate in our events or join BLSA, feel free to contact me at or our faculty advisors: Professor Rudnick at and Puller at

All the E-Board members look forward to another productive year!
Patrick Brown

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