Crimal Law Comp Review


Mandatory Audio that must be listened to for quiz credit (click on link and listen to audio, and then submit form for each audio file). You must listen and submit forms for all 5 to receive all credit (less than 5 submissions and you will not receive any credit)


Homicide Audio Lecture


Voluntary Manslaughter Audio Lecture


Involuntary Manslaughter Audio Lecture


Accomplice Liability and Solicitation Audio Lecture


Attempt & Conspiracy Audio Lecture



Additional (optional but recommended) audio that should be listen to:


Rape and Kidnapping Audio Lecture


Theft Crime (Part 2) Audio Lecture


False Pretense & and Crimes Against Property


Assault and Battery Audio Lecture


Theft Crimes Audio Lecture


Electronic Surveillance and Secret Agents


Lineups and Other Pre-Trial Identification Procedures


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