Dan Rea and NightSide Live at MSLAW 2012

Among the highlights from the broadcast were Professors Paula Colby-Clements and Andrej Starkis going toe-to-toe live on-air in a blue/red back and forth.

Dan Rea and his Night Side crew brought their remote broadcast to Massachusetts School of Law’s Old Courtroom earlier this month to discuss the upcoming election with local residents and MSLAW students, faculty, and alumni. Among the topics for discussion, based on the second debate between President Barack Obama and Presidential-hopeful Mitt Romney, were the behavior and body language of the candidates in that second debate, unemployment figures, dependency on foreign energy streams and student voting. Dan Rea stressed the importance of students voting in their home state, as each state deserves to have those votes counted there, and not where a student is enrolled.

Additional photographs and audio can be found here, and at Dan Rea’s NightSide page.

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