Return of Federal/Title IV Funding – Calculation 

This policy applies to students who withdraw, are administratively withdrawn, are approved for a leave of absence. Refunds for these students are determined according to the following policy:

  • The term “Title IV Funds” refers to the federal financial aid programs authorized under the Higher Education Act of 1965 (as amended) and for students enrolled at MSL’s federal educational loan programs applicable to MSL.
  • A student’s withdrawal/leave of absence date is:
    • The date the student began MSL’s withdrawal process or officially notified MSL of intent to withdraw; or
    • The student’s last date of attendance at a documented academically related activity; or
    • The midpoint of the period of enrollment for a student who leaves without notifying the MSL.
    • The determination of the student’s withdrawal/leave of absence date shall be made by the Law School.
  • Determining the amount of Title IV funds to be returned:
    • Refunds on all allowable charges including tuition and fees will be prorated on a per diem basis based on the number of days in attendance as a proportion to the number of days in the term or period of enrollment, up to the 60% point in the semester. There are no refunds after the 60% point in time, as the federal regulations view the aid has been “100% earned” after that point in time.  Students will receive a worksheet for this calculation and examples can be requested from MSL Financial Aid Office.

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