Middlesex District Attorney Marian T. Ryan Speaks at MSLAW

On Thursday, April 10, Middlesex District Attorney Marian T. Ryan spoke with MSLAW students in the New Courtroom, with topics including domestic violence prevention, juvenile justice, diversion and restorative justice programs, and school-based bullying prevention.

Before being appointed in April of 2013, Ryan had spent her entire career as an assistant district attorney, prosecuting the state’s most violent felons, fighting for victims, and creating innovative crime prevention initiatives. Ryan is responsible for the prosecution of approximately 35,000 cases a year in the diverse 54 cities and towns of Middlesex County.

Ryan has served as the MDAO’s General Counsel, where she created the county-wide Workplace Safety and Violence Prevention Program.  Ryan headed the MDAO’s Hinton Lab Crisis Response team, which she created in the wake of former forensic chemist Annie Dookhan’s criminal conduct that called into question over 9,000 Middlesex County drug samples.  Ryan has served as Chief of the MDAO’s Elder and Disabled Unit, where she prosecuted a myriad of crimes involving physical and financial abuse of the most vulnerable victims.  Ryan has been an active participant in Cut it Out, a program designed to educate hair stylists on how to recognize signs of domestic violence in their clients.  She has served in the MDAO Child Abuse Unit and created the MDAO Shaken Baby Task Force. Ryan is a leader in crime prevention and pretrial diversion programs aimed at preventing young offenders from becoming involved in the adult criminal justice system.  She has been a frequent contributor to the non-profit Middlesex Partnerships for Youth, Inc., which fosters initiatives to increase student safety, health and learning.

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