New Student Orientation Fall 2019

New Student Orientation Fall 2019 Schedule

Orientation for Fall 2019 – August 12, 14, & 15, 2019

August 12  Day 1 Audio

August 14  Day 2 Audio

August 15 Day 3 Audio (part 1)

August 15 Day 3 Audio (part 2)

Welcome to our incoming class! There are a number of reasons why MSLAW students enjoy their time here. MSLAW promotes an atmosphere of support, openness and friendliness. Our culture is one of support with all Faculty being invested in our students so that no one feels alone. Our diverse student body augments that culture and students truly enjoy their time here. Whether it is being in class, forming tight-nit friendships through study groups or student activities, or building relationships with Professors that continue after graduation, our students truly enjoy their time here. In addition, MSLAW has multiple support services to help ensure student success:

  • All students, upon being granted admission, are assigned a faculty advisor who meets with them in their first two semesters and every year until they graduate so that academic progress can be monitored and to help support students so they can achieve success.
  • MSLAW offers a formalized Academic Support Program that focuses on first year support, academic probation support, individual tutoring, peer mentoring, and bar preparation.
  • MSLAW offers First-Year Exam Skills Seminars to provide help with outlining, note taking, exam taking, reading and writing skills, including practice essay exams with immediate feedback.
  • MSLAW staffs a writing lab, staffed by MSLAW writing professors, where students can solicit extra help in any area from grammar, to organization and types of legal authority. The Lab is accessible to both day and evening students and is also equipped with a thesaurus, dictionary, citation manuals, and other reference books that a student might use while writing. Lab professors also have access to any drills or exercises that would benefit a student having difficulty in a particular area.


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