Prior Exams

These exams are provided by instructors from prior semesters. Note: the exams are for your reference only and may not be similar to the upcoming exam.


Agnes Massachusetts Evidence
Agnes Search and Seizure
Armano Insurance Law
Armano Personal Injury Final
Personal Injury Finals Prior Years
Personal Injury Midterm 2008
Armano Products Liability
Colby-Clements Legal Ethics
Condurelli Family Law Midterms
Family Law Finals
Consoli Family Law Midterms
Family Law Finals
Copani Evidence
Copani Family Law
Coppola Consumer Law
Coppola Criminal Law Finals
Coppola Criminal Procedure Midterm
Criminal Procedure Finals
Cornetta Trial Court Practice Civil
Cornetta Trial Court Practice Criminal
Cornetta Trial Court Practice Discovery
Corsaro Property Midterms
Property Finals
Corsaro Real Estate Financing
Coyne Avoiding Traps
Coyne Civil Procedure
Civil Procedure Finals 2006-2000
Coyne Evidence Finals 
Evidence Finals 2005-1993
Coyne Remedies Finals
Cristello Immigration Law
Cuddy Motions
Devlin Contracts
Devlin Drafting Contracts
Devlin Business Associations
Devlin Wills and Trusts
Faigel Bail to Jail
Foley Administrative Law
Ford Administration of Estates
Ford Aging and the Law
Ford Estate Planning
Ford Wills and Trusts Midterms
Wills and Trusts Finals
Forrest International Law
Golder Alternative Dispute Resolution
Golder Employment Discrimination Law
Golder Public Sector Labor Law
Private Sector Labor Law
Goldman Law and Psychiatry
Griffin Special Education Law Finals
Special Education Law In-Class Exercise
Johnson Criminal Law
Johnson Criminal Procedure
Kaldis Juvenile Law
Kaldis Family Law Advocacy
Kilpatrick Film and the Law
Kilpatrick Gender, Sexual Orientation and the Law
Kilpatrick Race in American Law
Kitaff Bankruptcy
Levasseur Drafting Contracts I
Levasseur Drafting Contracts II
Malaguti Landlord Tenant
Malaguti Constitutional Law 2011
Constitutional Law 2010
Constitutional Law 2009
Constitutional Law 2007
Constitutional Law 2006
Constitutional Law 2005
Constitutional Law 2004
Constitutional Law 2003
Malaguti Conveyancing
Malaguti Property 2011
Property 2010
Property 2009
Property 2008
Property 2007
Property 2006
Property 2005
Property 2004
Property 2003 2002 2000
Martin Admiralty and Maritime Law
Martin Civil Procedure Midterms 2013-2012
Civil Procedure Finals
Martin Environmental Law
Martin Intellectual Property
Martin Torts Midterms
Torts Finals
McLellan Business Entities Taxation
McLellan Federal Income Taxation Final Fall 2013
Federal Income Taxation Finals
Federal Income Taxation Midterms
McLellan Gift and Estate Taxation
Olson/Coyne eCommerce
Olson Environmental Law
Olson Legal Ethics
Olson Motions
Porter Introduction to Health Law
Puller Criminal Law
Puller Criminal Procedure
Rodriguez Advanced Criminal Law
Rodriguez Advance Criminal Procedure
Rodriguez Criminal Law
Criminal Law 2
Rodriguez Criminal Procedure
Rodriguez/Harayda Factual Investigation
Rudnick Constitutional Law Midterms
Constitutional Law Final 2015 
Rudnick First Amendment Law
Rudnick Ethics
Sharaf Conflict Resolution
Sharaf Motions
Starkis Business Associations Finals
Business Associations Quiz
Stevens Discovery Practice
Sullivan/Vietzke Animal Law
Sullivan Contracts Midterms
Contracts Finals
Sullivan UCC Article 2
Sullivan UCC Articles 3 and 4
Sullivan UCC Article 9
Sullivan Massachusetts Landord Tenant Midterm
Landlord Tenant Midterm
Landlord Tenant Finals
Trainor Massachusetts Tort Law
Trainor Drafting and Enacting Legislation
Vietzke Sports Law
Wiseman Representing Juveniles and Youthful Offenders


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