Professor Vietzke was on NECN and discussed the NCAA v. O’Bannon ruling

0Professor Holly Vietzke appeared as a guest on NECN on Monday, August 11 to discuss the recent decision in NCAA v. O’Bannon, which held that student-athletes are entitled to receive compensation based on the value of their name, image, or likeness with regard to television and merchandise revenue.

Judge Claudia Wilkin ruled that the NCAA was in violation of the Sherman Act by “setting at zero” among all Division I colleges the value of the student-athletes’ names, images, and likenesses. Beginning with the recruits entering after July 1, 2016, the NCAA must compensate the student-athletes not less than the “cost of attendance” (which includes transportation to and from school, incidentals, etc.) but not more than $5,000 per athlete per year, to be held in trust until after graduation.

The decision could have Title IX effects, as the revenue-producing sports are largely Division I football and men’s basketball.

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