SJC Chief Justice Roderick L. Ireland Meets With Massachusetts’ Law School Deans

2 SJC Chief Justice Ireland Meeting with Law School DeansSupreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Roderick L. Ireland on April 16 convened a roundtable discussion with the deans of Massachusetts’ law schools and the SJC Justices to discuss legal education. Topics discussed included how to make students more aware of pro bono opportunities, ways to match unemployed or underemployed lawyers with unmet legal needs in their communities, and how to increase law students’ practical and clinical experiences in the field. Law school deans and associate deans in attendance were: Boston College Law School Dean Vincent Rougeau; Boston University School of Law Associate Dean for Academic Affairs David Walker; Massachusetts School of Law Associate Dean Michael Coyne; Northeastern University Law School Dean Jeremy Paul; Suffolk University Law School Dean Camille Nelson; University of Massachusetts School of Law Dean Mary Lu Bilek; and Western New England University School of Law Dean Eric Gouvin.

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