The Minister’s Wife Seeks Extras for June 17th & 18th

June 3, 2013
Local Movie “The Minister’s Wife” Seeks Extras for June 17th & 18th

Secrets Movie LLC is currently looking for volunteer extras for their upcoming film “The Minister’s Wife.” Produced by Mark Donadio and Miriam Marcus of Moody Independent, Line Produced by Andrea Ajemian of Worcester, and Directed by Princeton resident John Stimpson (Sexting in Suburbia, March Sisters at Christmas, The Legend of Lucy Keyes), the movie will film in Worcester from June 5 – June 25, with scenes shooting at Massachusetts School of Law on June 17 & 18. We are specifically looking for extras for these two days. Extras of all ages (no children under 12 please) are needed for weekdays only, and must be available for the entire day they are booked.

If interested, please e-mail your contact information and a recent photo of yourself to Extras Coordinator Lynnie Hedvig at: In the subject line, please write your name, and the word “Andover Extra.”

The Minister’s Wife is based on a true story and Kathryn Casey’s book, Deadly Little Secrets. When Debbie Martin dies of an apparent suicide, her mother, Susan, cannot believe she would kill herself. A happy mother of two little girls, and wife of a minister, Debbie was not the suicidal type. With the help of her husband, sister and niece, Susan embarks on a crusade to prove that Debbie was murdered. Debbie’s husband, Andrew Martin, is the main suspect. As a man of God, he seems beyond suspicion, but his affair with Brianna Daniels, a young, attractive parishioner, opens the door to Andrew’s sordid past and ultimately results in his demise.

If you could pass that along with the information, that would be amazing!

Lynnie Hedvig
Extras Coordinator
“The Minister’s Wife”

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