July 27, 2023


Dear Students and the Massachusetts School of Law Community,

Welcome back to another school year. Let’s make it a great one. We are happy to report that since health and safety risks have improved significantly, we are no longer requiring a Covid-19 vaccination. Obviously, we all should continue to do what we can to protect our family, fellow students, and loved ones including avoiding risky behavior and staying home when sick. We continue to strongly urge you to get the annual flu shot and the latest Covid-19 vaccine in order to protect yourself and our community.

Thanks to all of you who so selflessly sacrificed your personal desires for the greater good of our community. We have fared far better than many because of your commitment to respecting and protecting each other. Let us continue to do so.

So let us hope we can finally turn the page on the last few years and work together to have the best year yet while working as hard as we all can to accomplish all of our goals.


Dean Michael L. Coyne

Fall 2023 Welcome Back Letter PDF