Your Help Is Needed With This Tragic Dog Rescue

Your Help Is Needed With This Tragic Dog Rescue

by Diane M. Sullivan, Assistant Dean

As you may know, I am the owner of two rescue chow’s which I found through a wonderful organization, the Pet Adoption League of NY.  Through them I recently became aware of a complex chow rescue they are currently facilitating in North Carolina.  The story is a tragic one and because it involves so many dogs, your help is needed.

Pet Adoption League was contacted by a man asking for help with 15 or more chows at a campground in North Carolina.  The owner of the chows were a husband and wife duo who had lost their home and their income and were living in a tent, moving from campground to campground until their allowed time ran out at each.

There were 15 chows and one chow mix there at that time, all being kept tied to trees on chains no longer than 4 feet (some were shorter depending on the size of the tree they were wrapped around). They were all extremely small for their age and very malnourished and emaciated, clearly starving.  Each dog’s situation was unique, from emaciated to badly injured, but all were in horrible shape and needed urgent attention.

The couple asked for some help getting food for the dogs but were reluctant to let any of them go, so Pet Adoption League provided food in exchange for removing some of the dogs.   Over the next few days most of the dogs were removed and taken to local vets for immediate care.
Everyone is hoping that by seeing these dogs get better, healthy and adopted into loving homes, the couple will be convinced to surrender the rest of the dogs. Since they move often from camp site to camp site, finding them can be difficult but Pet Adoption League is continuing to offer help.

The vet staff has been wonderful but the current vet bill is well over $4000 and that is without spays and neuters.  In order to continue their mission of saving chows in need Pet Adoption League needs your help.  They have created this page at where you can read more about these animals and offer your support.

Thank you for your help.

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