Massachusetts Appeals Court Sitting at Massachusetts School of Law

MSLAW is proud to announce that for the 5th time in 6 years, on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016, the Massachusetts Appeals Court will be sitting at Massachusetts School of Law in the Old Courtroom. Students who attend will be able to join us for lunch (RSVP to Professor Paula Colby-Clements) with the justices after they hear the cases on the docket. Court will begin its session promptly at 9:30AM, and we ask that all attendees arrive early enough as to not disrupt proceedings once they begin.

Briefs can be found below, along with articles about Annie Dookhan, Chemist at the Massachusetts Crime Lab, whose mishandling of evidence is the subject of two of the appeals being argued that day.

For summaries of these cases as provided by the court, click here.

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 – 9:30AM
Massachusetts School of Law at Andover
500 Federal Street, Andover MA, 01810

Presiding – Agnes, Blake, Desmond, JJ.
2015-P-0962 – Commonwealth v. Tryon Douglas
2015-P-0435 – Commonwealth v. Larry Pack
2015-P-1255 – Commonwealth v. John Graham
2015-P-1531 – David A. Alves v. Massachusetts State Police & Others
2016-P-0268 – Jayne Conway v. Marc Grondahl & Others (w/ Defendant Reply Brief)
2016-P-0335 – Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Nancy P. Comeau & Another

Boston Globe Articles
ACLU Demands Dismissal of All Dookhan-related Cases – January 9, 2014
Pattern of Neglect at State Drug Lab Found – March 4, 2014
By The Numbers: The Toll of the Annie Dookhan Scandal – April 12, 2016
Annie Dookhan, Key Figure in State Lab Scandal, Released from Prison – April 12, 2016

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