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Spring 2021 All Levels Booklist

To purchase eBook versions of your textbooks for Bar Essay, visit Wolters Kluwer’s Vitalsource pages:
Strategies & Tactics
Clearing the Last Hurdle

Order Your Books Online

The Massachusetts School of Law Bookstore is located inside the main building off the cafeteria. Because of the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the on-campus bookstore will be closed for in-person purchases to begin the Spring 2021 semester. To order your textbooks through our online eCommerce partner, visit

AILA members get discounted rates on texts using Professor Cristello’s code for each of her texts.

Order Sweatshirts, Jackets, Hats & Other Apparel

MSL’s online store is now open for sweatshirts, jackets, hats and other apparel. In addition to our online offerings, students may email Patrick Keefe to make arrangements for other items as well as shirts, masks, hats and other apparel. Depending on inventory, certain course texts may be available for a scheduled pick-up.

Textbook prices are subject to change based on shipment charges upon receiving final invoices on delivery. Once textbooks are stocked, you may order your books online from Barrister Books through this link exclusive to MSLAW students, or purchase them online through other retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, to name a few).

MSLAW Student and Alumni Book Exchange Program

MSLAW now has a Book Exchange Facebook page! Our goal is to connect past MSLAW students who wish to sell or donate law books to current MSLAW students. These transactions are private between the buyer and seller. MSLAW is only acting as a facilitator. MSLAW does NOT receive monetary consideration on any transaction.

Rule Books

Westlaw provides MSLAW students access to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Federal Rules of Evidence, and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. You can also download a PDF of the United States Constitution with your Westlaw account. Students are assigned Westlaw access in their first semester at MSLAW. For more information, visit

Diploma Frame Orders

Graduates or soon-to-be graduates may buy a frame for their MSLAW diploma. Click here for more details.