Massachusetts School of Law has a modern computer research lab. The school’s electronic research facility is equipped with all-in-one computers that provide students with access to Google Workspace (including email, IM, Google Meet and other productivity applications), Microsoft Office 360 (including Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint), and to Westlaw and LexisNexis, the two major legal databases containing case law, statutes, law reviews, periodicals and other legal documents.

Media Lab and Library Hours
M-Th: 8AM – 10:45PM
Saturday: 8AM – 3:45PM

Copying & Printing

The Media Lab workstations run directly to two high-speed printers. Copying and printing require the purchase of a copy card, which are available in various denominations at the Reference Desk. Each copy costs 15 cents and cards may be purchased in the library. You may also download the wireless print driver to print remotely from your supported device.

For all Windows usersPlease download this file. Unzip and right click on the file. Choose “Run as administrator.” Wireless Print Driver (Recommended)

For Mac users: Wireless Print Driver Mac