To download the MSLAW Application Packet, click either the Acrobat (.pdf) or the Word (.doc) link below.

Download Application Packet    

Download Application Packet   

  1. Print out the application and recommendation forms, complete them, mail or hand deliver them in later.
  2. You can type directly into the Word (.doc) application and “save as” to your own computer.
  3. Please contact the Admissions Office if you have questions


To speed up the application process, please make certain that you have completed every item on the application before submitting it to the Admissions Department so review of your application is not delayed.

1. Application for Admission
The application for admission should be completed, signed, and submitted to the Admissions Department as soon as possible. You can request application materials by email, phone, or you can download the application.

2. Personal Statement
Each applicant must submit a personal statement with the application that must not exceed 550 words. The statement should contain information regarding any relevant factors that may not have been fully explained in the application form and that may assist the members of the Admissions Committee in their review of your application.

3. Application Fee
The $40 application fee (check or money order payable to Massachusetts School of Law) must accompany the application form. The application fee is non-refundable and is not applied to tuition if you are accepted.

4. Two Letters of Recommendation
Recommendations should be sent directly to the Admissions Department. Federal law gives students attending MSLAW the right to review letters of recommendation submitted on their behalf unless that right is waived. While applicants are not required to make such a waiver, they are advised that some people may not be willing to provide a recommendation without it. The letter of recommendation forms have a place to mark your preference. Please mark them before giving them to your recommenders. Any additional letters submitted on your behalf must contain this statement. Download application and recommendation forms.

5. Personal Interview
Each applicant must complete a personal interview with the Admissions Department. The interview will be scheduled once you have submitted your application and transcripts. It will consist of questions regarding any relevant factors that may not have been fully explained in the application form and that may assist the members of the Admissions Committee in their review of your application.

All applicants must take the Massachusetts School of Law Aptitude Test (MSLAT). This test replaces the traditional LSAT test. All applicants will take the test on the same day they have their personal interviews. The interview will take place first, and the test will be administered immediately following the interview. MSLAW faculty members will review the test and assess both technical and analytical skills. MSLAW also uses this test to determine if students meet the required English proficiency needed to complete their legal studies.

To view a sample MSLAT, click here

7. Official Transcripts
To be considered for admission to MSLAW, an applicant must hold a degree equivalent to a U.S. bachelor degree. Transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate schools that the applicant has attended must be submitted to the Admissions Department. An applicant who received his or her degree from a college or university outside the United States must have his or her transcript evaluated by World Education Services (WES) or LSAC’s Foreign Credential Evaluation Service.

Because each law school’s application is different, please read every item carefully. It is your responsibility to make sure that all statements made on the application are accurate and complete.

You are required to inform us, in writing, about any changes that take place after you submit the application. Any failure to supply accurate, complete, or updated information may result in a withdrawal of any offer of admission or cancellation of registration, and may be a violation of the Massachusetts School of Law Code of Conduct.

All materials submitted with or in support of an application become the property of MSLAW and are not returnable. An application is considered complete only when all the materials have been received. .