A limited number of transfer students may be admitted each year depending on available space. The Admissions Committee decides on a case-by-case basis whether to accept a student and what if any transfer credits can be accepted. No grade less than a C is eligible for consideration for transfer credit. Any course eligible for transfer credit must be a course similar in content and rigor to the course offered by MSLAW. The application procedure is the same as for first year students except that the transfer applicant must also submit law school grades. No admission decision can be made until MSLAW receives an official transcript from all previous law schools attended. Additionally, to graduate from Massachusetts School of Law, a transfer student must complete at least 60 credit hours at Massachusetts School of Law. 

Students simultaneously pursuing their Juris Doctor at MSLAW and an MBA at a cooperating graduate program may transfer two approved courses from those institutions to MSLAW and use those credits towards their 90 credits required for graduation. No grade less than a B is eligible for consideration for transfer credit. Similarly, students are eligible to transfer two approved courses from MSLAW to those cooperating institutions to help satisfy their credits required for graduation at those institutions.

Students may only transfer eligible credits towards MSLAW’s graduation requirements as grades obtained at other institutions are not considered towards a student’s G.P.A. at MSLAW.