March 1, 2022

Over the weekend our Trial Advocacy Team competed in the Black Law Student Association’s Northeast Region Constance Baker Motley Trial Advocacy Competition in Connecticut. BLSA’s Northeast Region is comprised of all the law schools in New England, New York, and New Jersey—nearly 40 of the best law schools in the United States. Your team was first runner up and now goes onto the National Finals with the other two Northeast Region winners, Syracuse University School of Law and Pace University School of Law as well as the 15 other regional winners from across the United States. MSLAW Trial Team members are Courtney Papagno, Teresa Hedley, Brittany Anugwom, Katie Carlson, Rose Barrett, Bradley Nestor, Adam Teper, and Bevie Ketel. Professors Amy Dimitriadis, James Hetu, Anne Hemmingway, and Dan Harayda coach the Trial Team. Courtney Papagno was named Best Advocate of the weekend joining a number of MSLAW graduates who previously won the high honor at other regional and national competitions.

The 2022 Constance Baker Motley Trial Advocacy Competition involves a murder. Students are tasked with dealing with crime scene photographs, autopsy reports, ballistics reports, and other evidentiary matters. They argue motions in limine using case law, reports, and prior testimony to exclude evidence. The students also conduct the entire trial including opening statements, direct and cross examinations of lay and expert witness, and closing arguments. Each team of four students tries both sides of the case with two lawyers being advocates with their partners being their witnesses and then switching roles when they represent the other side. Over the last two months, team members worked tirelessly preparing the matter for trial and once again demonstrated that MSLAW students are among the best law students in the country.

The Trial Advocacy Team will now be preparing for the National Finals that begin on March 16th. If you’d like to help out as a juror, see what it’s all about, prepare for your year next year, or get more involved with MSLAW’s BLSA chapter and Trial Advocacy Team, please contact Professors Hemingway or Harayda.