The Massachusetts School of Law is the most affordable of all the New England law schools. Our affordable tuition combined with our professional skill training throughout the curriculum allows our students to pursue rewarding job opportunities that students from other law schools (plagued with overwhelming debt) cannot.

In his book Failing Law Schools, author Brian Tamanaha, one of the most outspoken critics of rising law school tuitions, states that “The average private (law school) student debt is $125,000. The amount due monthly would be $1,450. You need a salary well above $100,000 to manage to pay that.” But Tamanaha points out that the national median salary level is $60,000 a year for a newly-minted law graduate.

So, what is the real cost of law school? What does it cost to service the debt if you borrow all the tuition?

The Federal Government’s student loan website provides a repayment calculator:

If you decide to attend law school you should be aware of the total cost of your education and give serious consideration to what your monthly loan payments will be to repay that debt. Below is a comparison of the tuition of New England law schools from the past academic year:

Boston College$63,130
Boston University$61,160
New England$54,384
University of New Hampshire (previously Franklin Pierce)$47,000/40,000*
Western New England$46,050
Roger Williams$43,115
UMASS School of Law, Dartmouth$39,550/30,450*
University of Maine$36,000
Massachusetts School of Law, Andover $25,950

* indicates in-state tuition