MSLAW uses a holistic admissions process. MSLAW reevaluates each applicant’s entire record and their recommendations to see if their previous education and experience has adequately prepared them for law school. MSLAW also considers his or her personal interview and their evaluation on the MSLAT to see if they have a reasonable chance of success in completing law school and passing the bar. Depending on the strength of the applicant pool, the numbers change from year to year but roughly three in four applicants who apply to MSLAW are invited to attend our program.

Academic Year 2018-2019
Applied  235       Accepted 187           Enrolled 129

Academic Year 2019-2020
Applied 193        Accepted 154           Enrolled 108

Academic Year 2020-2021
Applied 255        Accepted 184           Enrolled 155

Academic Year 2021-2022
Applied  240       Accepted 188           Enrolled 148

Academic Year 2022-2023
Applied  278       Accepted 201           Enrolled 166