Dear Students and Staff,
I hope this note finds you and your loved ones well. For the most part, our community has been very fortunate this semester. Much of that is attributable to your recognition of the need to help protect one another by being careful and God’s good fortune. It is gratifying to know we live in such a caring, respectful community and that we look out for one another even if that means sacrificing our own desires and needs for the greater good. It is why our lawyers are such great community leaders and counselors. Thank you.

The last day of in-person classes is Tuesday, November 17th . After that, the building is closed to students and the public except for in-person registration. No classes will be held during the major exams that will take place between Wednesday November 18th through Thanksgiving. Those exams will all beconducted online through TWEN, Zoom, other applications, and in accordance with your professor’s specific instructions.

Remote classes, as scheduled by your professor, will resume the week after Thanksgiving until the semester concludes on December 7, 2020. Any additional exams begin on December 14th and all assignments, papers, projects, class tests, and quizzes must be completed before the holiday break in December. We hope you have enjoyable and safe holidays. Spring registration is both online and also in-person on December 9, 2020.

You will note that spring classes start a week later than originally planned and spring break has been eliminated. Let’s hope that sometime during our spring semester we can again be together as one community.

On behalf of all of us at MSLAW, thank you for responding to this challenge in such an extraordinary fashion. Good luck with the rest of the semester.
– Dean Michael L. Coyne