MPN2 Graduate PLUS

Date of Graduation
Date of Birth

Graduate Plus Loan

Max amount: $36,352.00
If you have verified Dependent Care costs, contact Kathy Perry at
Please note annual limits due apply.

How to apply for a Graduate Plus Loan

Step One: You must have a current FASFA for the Academic Year, in which you are applying for the Graduate Plus Loan

Step Two: You must have an up to date financial aid file all paperwork completed

Step Three: Please make sure you have turned in to Lynn or Kathy the MPN2 grad plus form or the Request for Additional Monies form indicating the amount you with to borrow.

Step Four: You must have a completed Graduate Plus Entrance session at

Step Five: You must complete a Graduate Plus application request through the following website if your application is approved you have completed the process. IF your application was denied and you intend on resubmitting your application with an endorser, please apply here: Endorse a Direct PLUS Loan Enter the borrower’s last name and the endorser code OR the award identification number of the loan you would like to endorse. (The borrower will have provided you with an endorser code or an award identification number. You may have received an email from the Department of Education containing the endorser code.)

If you were denied a graduate plus and are resubmitting your application with cosigner or for reevaluation complete the following – If you are resubmitting your application with an approved endorser please proved MSL (Lynn or Kathy) with the following information: Endorser’s Name; Date of Approval and Loan ID Number.

A Student who was denied a graduate plus MUST complete Adverse Credit Grad PLUS Counseling on

1. Go to the PLUS Counseling landing page on

2. Log in with your FSA ID username and password.

3. Upon arrival to the User Agreement, the user will need to “Accept” in order to proceed.

4. Once logged in, click “Start” to begin,

5. Select one of the two Borrower Type options and then click the blue “Start” button:

◦ If you are a Parent borrower who requesting a Direct PLUS Loan for your child’s education, select “Parent of an eligible dependent undergraduate student(s).”

◦ If you are a Graduate/Professional student requesting a Direct PLUS Loan for your own education, select “Graduate/Professional Student”

◦ Note: If you are both a Parent and a Graduate borrower, then it is recommended that you select “Parent of an eligible dependent undergraduate student(s)” so that you can add loans towards your children’s education as well.

6. Select the blue “Continue” button at the bottom of the page to proceed to Step I After the first disbursement of your loan has been made, your loan will be assigned to a loan servicer and you will be provided with the servicer’s name, address and contact information. Your servicer will service, answer questions about, and process payments on your loan after you enter repayment.