Midnight Breakfast 2019

Prior to finals, MSLAW offers 1L and 2L Core Reviews the first night of Study Week – The Midnight Breakfast. The reviews begin with Torts in Room 210 (1L) and Property in Room 216 (2L). Breakfast will be held at 9;40PM in the Cafeteria following the reviews. Good luck on all of your exams!

Torts 6:00 to 7:10 PM
Professor Olson Room 210

Property 6:00 to 7:10 PM
Professor Hetu Room 216

Contracts 7:15 to 8:25 PM
Professor Dimitriadis Room 214

Criminal Procedure 8:30 to 9:40 PM
Professor Rodriquez Room 206

Breakfast 9:40 PM Cafeteria

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