Form MPN # 2

The maximum Stafford loan amount is $20,500.00 for the academic year
Remember to add to the final requested amount the 3% fee the Dept. of Education charges.
Stafford Loan
Please note annual limits due apply.
I am a current student attending classes.
I certify that I am not currently on Academic Probation.
Are you graduating Fall 2024?
I promise to pay any outstanding balance immediately after my loan is disbursed.
I acknowledge, MSLAW may forward information regarding my federal loans to Inceptia. MSLAW has enlisted Inceptia's help in a proactive education debt management program regarding repayment of federal loans and money management. Visit for more information.
I certify that I am not in default of any prior student loans. I am in good standing with all federal student aid previously received. I have not received an overpayment.
I know the money I am receiving is a loan and I promise to repay it when due.
I have received and read copies of the Stafford Loan brochures regarding my loan responsibilities.
I also certify that I am well aware of my rights and obligations involved in my acceptance of the loan funds including my right to cancel this loan and any future disbursements.
I authorize MSLAW to communicate to me through email regarding my account.
I have received and read MSLAW's Student Guidebook and will adhere to the rules and regulations stated therein.
Students taking 15-12 credits is considered full-time, 11credits to 7 credits is considered part time, 6 credits is considered half-time and students taking less than 6 credits is considered less than half time.
My Signature/Name below authorizes MSL to process my requested loan and my understanding of the above.