The Cummings Foundation and Massachusetts School of Law hosted a seminar focused on Tech Issues in Business and Education, Tuesday, November 14th, at Massachusetts School of Law – 500 Federal Street, Andover MA, 01810. This session focused on technology issues businesses and schools face, like cybersecurity and privacy, and how the integration of new technologies like AI will impact those fields. These sessions provide a free informative seminar to the public to educate on the interplay between business and law.

Slide Decks
Professor Michael Leamy – Artificial Intelligence
Professors Daniel Harayda & Mick Coyne – Cybersecurity
Professor Paula Colby-Clements – Privacy in Schools and in the Workplace
Professor Joseph Devlin – When Employees Misuse Technology
Professor Shane Rodriguez – Chargeable Offenses to the Employee
Professor Amy Dimitriadis – Unauthorized Fraudulent Wire Transfers

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