Technology Platforms at MSL

Massachusetts School of Law uses Google Workspace, giving our students access to a productivity suite with email/IM, videoconferencing, cloud storage, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications. 

TWEN (The West Education Network) is part of Westlaw, the legal field’s most powerful search engine and research platform. Every MSL student is assigned an account in their first year, and each of your 1L courses will have a digital presence on TWEN where you will be able to access course materials, assignments, and other resources for each course. You may also easily contact your professors through TWEN’s mail option.

MSL Professors offer both in-person and virtual office hours via ZOOM. Additionally, some of your 1L Asynchronous/Self-Paced study will have accompanying ZOOM workshops. For Office Hours, visit To get ZOOM, visit

Socrative is a web-based quizzing tool used by both Dean Coyne and Professor Devlin in your substantive 1L courses. You do not have to register an account to participate in weekly quizzes, just enter your name/student ID, depending on which the professor requests on your quizzes. 

MSL uses ExamSoft for exam proctoring, which is the required-testing software of the Uniform Bar Examination.  For ExamSoft tutorials, visit

Technology Microtrainings

Throughout the semester, Massachusetts School of Law provides a host of individual technology literacy sessions and some within the Academic Support program. These microtrainings are usually held on a monthly basis, and are offered in addition to the technology sessions hosted by Westlaw and LexisNexis.